Corporate Culture

Corporate Culture

Corporate vision: to provide everyone including our shareholders, customers, employees, and even business partners with the opportunity to create and realize their dreams!

Enterprise mission: for China's refractories world-renowned and assiduous pursuit!

Core values: integrity, integrity, responsibility, learning, innovation, optimism, generosity, love and gratitude

Development philosophy: ideas determine the way out, mechanism determines the power, concept determines the development, talent determines success.

Core value concept 1:

Work is happiness

Learning is useful

Training is the best benefit

Management is the greatest love

Core value concept 2:

It's good for the country

Benefit employees

Internal protection enterprise staying power

External customer satisfaction

One of the spirit of enterprise:

Unity, enterprising, pragmatic and innovative

Unity -- friends from all over the world, friends and relatives

Enterprising -- keep pace with The Times, realistic and innovative

Innovation -- strive for first-class, dare to be the first

Enterprise spirit ii:

Team spirit -- advocating people-oriented, shaping dynamic team

Advocating people-oriented -- people make the most of their work and get paid for it

Build a dynamic team -- network organization, vertical and horizontal process, but into the team, the rise of the enterprise